You know you need to be digitally agile. But did you know that certain setups and solutions are positioned to deliver better ROI than others? We will educate retailers on what it means to be truly digitally agile, and what they should be asking of potential vendors to ensure they will drive ongoing value from their selected solutions.
  • What does it mean to be truly digitally agile?
  • What should retailers expect from their technology solutions?
  • What should retailers expect from their technology vendors?
  • How truly agile, independently owned systems generate maximum return on revenue.
Dan Harrell
Chief Innovation Officer, Invenco
As Invenco’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dan Harrell brings twenty-five years of experience in the global retail and payment industry. He is responsible for a wide range of initiatives both strategic and directly linked to product delivery including leading the product management team. A proven leader, Dan builds experienced, efficient teams and processes across the full spectrum of software, hardware, cloud infrastructure, program and product. Before joining Invenco, Dan worked within one of the world’s leading fuel dispenser companies setting their vision for automation, outdoor payments, forecourt control and ultimately its cloud services. Prior to that, he led the technology consulting practice at Radiant Systems (now NCR) and was responsible for managing the team and practices for integrations of Radiant products and delivering on the value customers expected. Dan holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering and Accounting from the University of Texas in Austin, Texas and a master’s in Management from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. Dan lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado and enjoys hiking and playing music in his band.
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